Bangalore Sustainability Jam 2013

So, three times a year, every year, there are ‘Design Jams’ that happen all over the world – initiated by Markus and Adam from Work.Play.Experience. The jams are the biggest co-creation and innovation events all over the world and It’s been great fun, high energy and quite a challenge to jam to the same beat with people you have barely met – as well as getting in contact with people from across the globe – all using design to make stuff real, play with ideas and ‘do’ design together (not just think).

Global Service Jam #gsjam happens in February every year and is about using design to build or better the way services are delivered.  Personally, I am passionate about public and social services that affect so many lives, governments and policies. In June comes Global Government jam #ggovjam which is about just that. And finally in December, Global Sustainability Jam #gsusjam is about bringing ideas around sustainable living to life and prototyping their way into the real world.

In 2011 and 2012 I was excited to be a part of the Jam’s in Glagsow where I studied and worked. I learned so much from my time there and am grateful for the experience of jamming with so many amazing people. This year, I was back in my home town in Bangalore and was really excited to see the depth of understanding about sustainability and fabulous ideas that came from all my fellow jammers. how it goes – we form teams, we’re given a common theme and then we jam to make an idea come alive using the design process and visual tools. The objective: prototypes not presentations! (build it, don’t explain how it works). One habit that I think we ought to embrace more fully is thinking with our hands and not being afraid to make tangible things. In India we have a rich history and a dire need for low cost innovations and I think jams like this can now be where the seeds of these ideas begin to germinate. Another aspect I personally want to do better in really getting into the other person’s head and empathizing with the service user. I especially find this a challenge in India where, unfortunately, empathy is often the difference between being able to function in an unfair, class divided society or not.

I was part of team ‘pro-activists’ and our idea was to take people from being aware to active to proactive about sustainable living in 3 little steps. Most of all, I met so many like minded people and was glad to be able to share what I learned about Service Design in Scotland with jammers here.  Here are some pictures from the intense 48 hours!


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