Goal for the week

i’ve had the chance to experience something this week that is changing the way I look at myself professionally. It’s called 360 degree feedback – where I ask 7 – 10 people whom I value in my life to answer to give me open and honest feedback about myself, me dealings with others and my business acumen. I then go through their anonymous responses with my personal coach and work through them to make shifts and changes in my attitude, process and working style. It’s been intense!

While I do try to remain open to feedback on a daily basis, this is often not possible for want of getting a job done or being polite during daily happenings (one of the things that came out was that sometimes, I am too polite! – which is fine as long as I don’t always expect the same of there, which I tend to do). Like I said, I am learning lot’s about myself during the process and hope to share what I am doing to make the shift. The how is always the tough part.

One thing I want to start doing right away, and I’m holding myself accountable.

Wake up an hour earlier everyday and be at work no later than 8:30 AM. 
I bet half the working world does this, seems easy. Gosh, I can’t believe war a sleepy city I live in sometimes. I think waking early will go a long way in boosting my productivity and therefore my confidence. Lazy morning sound great in theory but they are not for anyone trying to get a serious amount of work done in a day. Waking early means exercise time for myself in the morning, more hours in the day, it means leaving work on time, having an evening with my friends, family or my garden, more energy during the day and (most importantly) going to bed an hour earlier!

Wish me luck!


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