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Hi, I’m Liza David and I design intangible things like services and experiences.

This is where I try to make sense of all the new stuff I come across. I am from India and currently live in Bangalore. I am trained as a service designer and am interested in creating better public services, understanding social change, respecting the environment & using design methods to think, see, make and do stuff with people.

As a Visual Communication student in Chennai, I floundered through the world of advertising for a while before pursing a Masters in Design Innovation at the Glasgow School of Art. Here, I was exposed to, and became interested in Design for innovation, for public services and the environment and the human factors and other ‘fuzzy’ things that influence how we interact with products (physical stuff). I loved living in Scotland, it was brilliant. I will never forget the conversations and experiences I had which have played a big part in the way I think today.

I briefly worked in the UK with the Cultures of Innovation team to plan workshops that help organisations see the services around their products and create a culture of innovation from the inside. I was a Snookster at Snook where I learned about how design can be used to foster better conversations in a community and the nitty gritty details of changing paradigms in big public organisations by creating space for collaboration, being design centric and just not giving up. Also fearlessness, boundlessness and why magic is as important as logic.

On returning to India and my home city of Bangalore, I happened to stumble upon this fascinating organisation Daily Dump while attending Bangalore Sustainability Jam 2013.  I have been interested in waste management, creating less of it, recycling it, making it useful again, since school (from reasons I have still not fully understood). This combined with my new skills and passion for design felt like the perfect match. I currently work as a service designer at Daily Dump – dabbing in quite a lot of digital work as well (UX, social media, web design) and designing around habits and deep seated behaviours.

By night, I doodle, read, write and make stuff for the web with Digital Luck. I sometimes sleep.
On weekends, I design workshops for young people (and other interesting things) with I.Rob.Design !  I sometimes trek up small hills and collect rocks for my fish pond.
My garden mostly always has fresh tomatoes and chillies. I often wander around clicking pictures of places and drawing postcards from them.


I like watching people and figuring out why they do what they do. Sometimes I draw them on the sly, many times I make then draw too.

Want to work or play together? Come, say hi!!

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